samantha tweet about siddharthSamanta is one actress in South Film Industry who made it to the top very smoothly with sheer talent and good looks. And outside films, she is as energetic and enthusiastic as she appears in films; living like a beauty queen making sure to turn heads with her fashion statements, noble enough to run an NGO Prathyusha to help kids and women, active on social platforms. Living life to the fullest.

She is a celebrity, a social figure. Both her professional and personal life interest audiences alike. Nevertheless, she proved time and again that she isn’t going to buy cooked up stories on her. Whenever she is attacked with sensational news on which she has apprehensions, she showed that she isn’t the type to keep quiet. When a popular English media house published an article questioning her fashion & style as copied, Samanta shot back giving befitting reply.

Presently, once again Samantha gave another befitting reply directly naming the English Daily which published the gossip on Samantha and Sidharth’s break up. She wrote: “@Samanthaprabhu2: The article in the DC makes me look like the victim. I am not.Siddharth is a great guy. Media stop taking sides. This is personal. STOP.” She gave clear indication to the media not to interfere with her personal life.