Buttering is an art and not all people are good at it. In film industry, buttering is one of the essentially to survive for longer span and be in good looks of industry biggies. You might be wondering why this class as of now on buttering and film industry. Take the case of dusky beauty Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Her Tamil big movie with Suriya is gearing up for release on 15th August. Naturally any actor would speak high on their film and try to get maximum publicity. But Samanta has gone a little ahead and is praising director Lingu Swamy overtly.

Samanta says that the unit of the film is the best one she has ever worked with. The whole unit was at her disposal to make her feel ease while shooting for the film. She loved the working experience and feels that Lingu Swamy and his team are the best for her. Seems Samanta’s compliments seem to be a little bit over board. But for a top heroine who couldn’t make it big in her mother tongue, a big film’s release is certainly a big thing. And this kind of buttering would pay her off for being so impressive. What say?