Ajith Kumar will be regarded for introducing the salt-and-pepper look to the southern film industry. He maintained that look for three of his recent films and plans to continue it for his forthcoming films as well. Meanwhile, other actors seem be digging the look and the one of them happens to be Jagapathi Babu.

Jagapathi’s look in Balayya starrer Legend has been revealed on the occasion of his birthday and he seems to be sporting a salt-and-pepper look in the villain role he is set to play in the film. Apparently, the look has suited Jagapathi, who is playing a negative character for the first time in his career of 25 years. Will our industry have more actors sport the salt-and-pepper look in the near future as the look as been received very well by the audience? We have to wait and see if that happens.

But the million dollar question is which other hero will have the guts to sport grey hair that’s usually associated with aging. No actor ever want to look old on screen but Ajith has turned out to be an exception.