salman-khan hit and run caseIt wasn’t only the court, even the audiences were left surprised when Salman mentioned that it was his driver who was in the driving seat on the fateful day and not himself. The ‘hit and run’ case has been running since 13 years and all these years there was no mention of his driver and suddenly the superstar gives his statement before court, that it was his driver who rammed his car onto the people.

Prosecution used the same fact as counter argument for Salman’s and his driver’s statement which seems to be more like a recently developed story rather than reality to make the driver scapegoat, a dummy witness so that Salman can escape. Evidently the whole thing seems a fiasco and very filmy. Needless to say, Salman’s non-fans opine that his driver Ashok Singh is paid for the confession.

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The final arguments in the court would happen on April 6 and Court ordered Salman to be present on the day. Let’s wait and see how far the prosecution can counter Salman with ‘dummy witness’ angle.