People who follow Bollywood might already know about the foes Salman Khan and John Abraham. For other, well, it’s enough to know that the two don’t get along. However the two silently go about doing their work without actually coming the way of each other. But, it looks like that is going to change soon as both the hunks are going to get in a wrestling battle literally.

Well they won’t be fighting with each other but it’s the wrestling that is going to pit them against each other. Both Salman Khan and John Abraham are soon going to produce a biopic on famed wrestler Gama Pehalwan. Salman Khan is going to produce a film on the wrestler with his brother Sohail Khan in the lead where as John Abraham is going to star himself as Gama Pehalwan in the biopic that he is producing.

The interesting thing here is that neither party knew that another film on the legendary wrestler is in the making even when registering the titles of their respective films. With the sudden announcement by both it has now became a hot topic among the Bollywood circles.