Bollywood actor Salman Khan is one of those actors whose name comes into our minds instantly while thinking about the fittest actors. In the movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ the actor displayed perfect six-pack abs making him look like an action hero. But according to recent revelations, there seems to be more than what meets the eye.

The actor whose body looked similar to that of the well-chiseled body of a Greek God was showing off fake abs in the movie. Recently some photos of him working at the sets was revealed and they show that the actor didn’t have well-shaped abs but the normal body of a good in shape, healthy person. However after the animation systems and VFX worked its way, the actor had abs shaped liked a biscuit all looking like he sweated his way to it. Yet we do not blame the actor for the fake abs because considering his age now, he’s still in a pretty good shape.