Salman Khan, Salman Khan Peed, Salman Khan Peed Female Journalist,  Salman Khan Peed Lady Journo, Salman Peed Controversy, Salman Peed PhotoAs if the ongoing controversy is not enough, the latest tweets of Resident Editor of renowned English tabloid ‘The Hindu’ are going to leave us in a state of shock on how prejudiced the star hero can be in case of women. Misogynist mindset!

Salman Khan is presently mired in ‘raped woman’ controversy and in this situation Sachin Kalbag, the Resident of ‘The Hindu’ revealed in his tweets how the actor made a female journo to wait for hours in hot sun and then unzipped his pants and peed before her.

He did this because the female journo published a few items as a critic in which she expressed her views on Salman Khan’s films. Salman didn’t like her criticism and hence took to the cheapest way of making her wait for an interview and treat her in the most disgusting manner.