Salman-khan hit and run caseThe final moments seem to be arriving for Salman Khan in the 2002 ‘hit and run’ case. The Mumbai High Court had taken up Salman’s appeal against the verdict of sessions court. Now that the arguments have been concluded, the final verdict of HC will come to hearing in the next week.

One can guess how anxious the actor might be counting every second before the judge pronounces his judgement. Salman’s lawyer kept to the point, the same previous arguments as in the session court, raising the same issue as singer Kamaal Khan’s absence in the interrogation and the last moments witness of driver Ashok Singh.

But the prosecution stuck to it’s point that Salman was driving the car when his car rammed into the pavement leading to a death and leaving several injured. The arguments concluded, the judgement day for Salman Khan isn’t far away. This judgement will definitely be one of the most popular ones because it is chance for the common man’s faith to understand whether to lay faith in our judiciary or not.