salman khan warning to fan on twitterStar wars between fans have become very common and sometimes they are going to the extent of speading hate and creating a dirty ambience. This kind of war was prevalent between Salman and Shahrukh’s fans till recently when the duo patched up their strained relationship.

Monday, Salman surprised his fans asking how many of you are on false identities and why. He further posted a tweet which had overtones of a warning to false fans with fake identities. He opined that a fan, who is on a false identity, using it to put another actor, friend or colleague down is not his fan at all and he doesn’t like such fans.

With this tweet, Salman makes it clear he wants to entertain no enmity with his colleagues in the film industry and doesn’t want his fans to look down on other stars and send hate messages on social platforms. Hope all the star heroes who have humungous fan following also do the same.