Salman Khan shocked face court jailAre being a star hero and being influential responsible for the court’s verdict delayed for 17 years in Salman Khan’s ‘hit and run’ case? If the available statistics are observed, more than 50,000 drunk and driving cases have convicted and the convicts been fined and jailed in a span of eight years from 2007 to till date.

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These statistics relate to only Mumbai city, to the offenders who were caught driving under the influence of alcohol. More than a lakh people are arrested and almost more than 50% of them are convicted and crores of rupees collected as fine. The rate of conviction is high and hence sets a fright in the offenders not to commit to the crime once again. But the superstar’s conviction is going to set a bigger example for all those to pronounce that none is above law.

While we must be happy for executing strict laws by the city police and for the easy course of law procedure, the same in time developments and judgement didn’t apply to the superstar’s case. Justice is delayed and hence the victim’s family suffered immensely. The victim’s wife had to take up the work of domestic help and his son had to discontinue studies and taken up work to support family. Who’s responsible?

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