Salman accidentBollywood superstar Salman Khan’s much anticipated 50th birthday was yesterday and it was just as amazing and happening as imagined. The grand event included a three-tiered cake, beautiful decor, a star-studded evening, and many surprises. However, for someone who has or can easily buy anything, it must’ve been very hard to pick a worthwhile gift. But it seems that the Khan family managed just fine.

Apparently, the Khans organized a special video starring all of the actor’s near and dear ones, some old friends from school, principals, teachers, along with their personal messages which really touched the actor’s heart. It was during the screening of this particular video that the legendary actor got emotional and couldn’t hold back his tears.

The video also included greetings from renowned actor Sanjay Dutt, known to be completing his prison sentence in Pune, who had his message sent in the form of a touching handwritten letter.