Leaning towards the professional life of our favourite actors, Salman Khan has recently entered into an endorsement contract with the Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd as announced by the company on Sunday. It appears that Khan has agreed to be the brand ambassador for Thums Up. Also notable is the fact that the Coca Cola company has signed an agreement with Salman Khan’s foundation Being Human to mutually promote, conceive and execute charitable and social activities.

According to Atul Singh, president and CEO of the company, Salman Khan’s charm appeals to people of different age groups and social strata, just like Thumps and will definitely help the brand to get to a higher level. Salman Khan, when asked about his opinion on the agreement, said “I am also excited at the association between Being Human and Coca-Cola India, where the two organisations will work together on community welfare projects,” he said in a statement.

Mahesh Babu replaced Akshay Kumar for nationwide endorsement some time this year in March..now it’s time for Prince to look for an other cold drink.