Don’t go by the literal meaning. It is not Salman directly, but Salman’s film is attacked by bombers in Pakistan on 31st July. Though Pakistan and India are two different Nations, people share a lot in common. Besides commoness in food and culture, we share the passion for Bollywood movies. All Bollywood top heroes have huge fan base in Pakistan. Whether it is the Khan trio (Salman, Shahrukh & Aamir) or Govinda & Ranbir Kapoor’s films, there is no religion bar even in Pakistan regarding films. Almost all the big films have a release in Pakistan too and make business more than any Pakistan made film.

As Eid gift, Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ has been released all over the world. There was huge rush in Pakistan theatres as it was holidays for them in the festival season. Audiences thronged to theatres to get maximum kick to enjoy. But in a theatre at Jinnah road in Karachi, two unidentified persons came on motorcycle, threw hand granades and escaped the scene. Two persons who came to watch the movie were seriously injured and rushed to a hospital immediately. Salman Khan’s films were never before targetted in Pakistan. But this new development is astonishing his fans all over the world. Is it because Salman chanted ‘Namo’ in the recent general elections?