Salman in Hyderabad

In a new low for fanatic admirers of celebrities, actor Salman Khan was followed by almost twenty biker when he was in a car returning to his hotel. Salman had been in Hyderabad on Sunday night to watch a CCL cricket match unfold between his brother Sohail Khan’s team Mumbai Heroes and the Telugu Warriors.

However, when the match finished around 11 pm and Salman walked to his car parked outside the stadium’s gate, the traffic had to be blocked in order to facilitate the exit and consequently the fans who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the actor had to be pushed aside. But diligent in their efforts, some of these enthusiasts got on their bikes started following Salman’s car, forcing the police to lathi-charge them. Several more bikers running a tally of around twenty even started following the actor. Salman was reportedly upset about the incident and was worried about the possibility of a traffic incident.