Chiranjeevi Land ScamFor quite a few days, things haven’t been fine in the Jubilee Hills Housing Society. There have been instances when the lands were taken/ given without the approval of all members. Right now, a story is going around on social media about TV 5 BR Naidu, who is said to have sold 595 yards plot to Megastar Konidela Chiranjeevi.

Sakshi channel tweeted on their official Twitter handle that while the actual market price of the plot is estimated to be Rs 23.80 crore, the plot has been registered in the name of Megastar for a mere Rs 3.80 crore. And Sakshi made allegations that by illegally selling the plot to Chiranjeevi, BR Naidu is said to have pocketed quite a few crores.

Land issues have become common in Jubilee Hills Co-operative Housing Society. According to Sakshi’s allegations, the society’s president happens to be B Ravindranath (popularly known as TV 5 BR Naidu), and the treasurer is one P Nagarajulu. The accusation by members of the society is that the above-mentioned two people have sold the plot illegally by bypassing the society’s rules and regulations.

Sakshi also reported that right now, Chiranjeevi is residing in plot no 303-N in Jubilee Hills. His house is spread across 3,333 yards. Adjoining the plot on the backside is a plot that falls under new survey number 120 (old survey number 403/1) in Shaikpet and survey number 102/1 in Hakimpet village. This 595-yard plot has been registered in the name of Chiranjeevi by BR Naidu.

In today’s time, one yard here costs Rs 4 lakhs, while the government rate happens to be Rs 64,000. This means that the entire plot would cost Rs 23.80 crore. But BR Naidu and his associates sold the plot for a mere Rs 3.80 crore and pocketed a huge amount in the process.

Sakshi also tweeted that ever since the other members lodged complaints against the irregularities in Jubilee Hills Housing Society, they have been getting threatening calls from unknown numbers. The members have been told that if they prolong the issue, it could result in them losing their lives. One of the members of the society, Prabhakar Rao, has brought the issue to light.

Chiranjeevi Land Scam jubilee hills