Nnadamuri warYSR Congress and its pet media, Sakshi seem to be running out of ideas to corner TDP government in Andhra Pradesh. After failing to pin down the ruling party in Assembly, the opposition party tried to create caste rifts and now is using Nandamuri families. It is an open secret that things are not well between NTR and Balakrishna for reasons best known to them.

Both the actors are warring at each other with their Dictator and Nannaku Prematho for Sankranthi. There is an acute competition between the two films and two others films to get as many theaters as possible for the festival season. Sakshi came up with a front page item about this adding masala to the issue. It alleged that Lokesh and the entire government machinery is blackmailing theater owners and robbing Nannaku Prematho theaters in all areas.

But a close look at the theaters count in AP suggests that Nannaku Prematho is way ahead in many districts than Dictator. In areas where Dictator got more theaters is due to some Senior distributors it have. First of all, it is a non-existent issue which was created in web space by rumour mongers and Sakshi with the desperateness to pin down Lokesh and government made it a Front Page item. Probably its time for Jagan to induce some good minds who can give fresh and sensible ideas.

ntr balayya