Director Venu Sreeram Got Tempted with Sai Pallavi's Telangana SlangSai Pallavi’s second Telugu movie ‘MCA’ is coming soon and her fans are eagerly waiting to watch her again perform with the unique flavor she can impart to her role with her performance. This time, she isn’t using Telangana slang for her character though the story is set in Warangal.

The director of the movie, Venu Sreeram revealed how he was Tempted to use her Telangana slang for this movie even. But then, he resisted himself from doing that because several recent movies banked on the Telangana slang. True. Anything

In a press meet Dil Raju confirmed that he didn’t want Sai Pallavi to use Telangana slang for her role in ‘MCA‘ as that would have allowed monotony to set in. So, it’s evidently Dil Raju’s idea regarding Sai Pallavi’s slang. The ‘Fidaa’ girl’s role will be there for entertainment and hence, confirmed by the director. Nothing like the one that we have got to see in her debut movie.