Sai Pallavi’s Online - Offline Madness Is a PuzzleSai Pallavi needs no introduction as she is one of the most popular stars in south India. She has a solid fan base and it has only increased multiple times in the last two years or so.

The manner in which the crowds went berserk during the pre release event of Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu was there to see. It is not an exaggeration to say that no Telugu heroine in the last two decades has this kind of a following.

On social media too, there are genuine fans of Sai Pallavi. At times, when the other heroines have fan groups on special media to keep them in the news, Sai Pallavi has no PR support and whatever love we see is quite organic which is quite interesting.

But when it comes to offline, there is a maddening craze for her. The fans love Pallavi’s dances, simple look, grounded nature and acting prowess. No wonder all the films she has done have created a good name for herself.

Also, Sai Pallavi has done only a few films and rejected some of the biggest offers in Bollywood as she did not like her roles. She has also rejected fairness brands and stayed true to her instincts hereby being an inspiration to many. Maybe her off screen behaviour has also helped her gain massive recognition.