Sai_Pallavi_Virata_ParvamThere’s no debating the fact that Sai Pallavi is one of the most talented actresses in Telugu cinema. As it appears, the actress in not just a gifted artist but also a hardworking and determined one at it.

The director of Virata Parvam, Venu Udugula has revealed that Sai Pallavi starved for an entire day just to get one particular sequence in the film right on point.

“There is this one penultimate sequence in the film. After I narrated it to Sai Pallavi, she decided not to take any food for a day, just to get the intensity right. The scene shaped up exceptionally well. She gave her cent percent for the film and it was unreal to watch her bring the character to life on screen,” Venu said.

Sai Pallavi plays a lady from Naxal dominated area in Virata Parvam. The film is up for release on 17 June.