Saranga Dariya-Lovestory- Saii PallaviSai Pallavi’s recent blockbuster, the dance number ‘Saranga Dariya’ has been in the debates going on, on the social media platforms for the alleged vulgarity in the expressions used. Lyricist Suddala Ashok Teja who added lyrics to the folk song gave an explanation about those expressions that came under the radar.

Suddala Ashok Teja‘s explanation was so beautiful that we forget all that debate about vulgarity and fall in love with the lyrics that embedded the sensuality of a rural woman who is naive with her own individuality and despite being hot and sensual, she never falls for men who try to woo her.

The expression ‘Guttepu Raikalu’ and the probable explanation for using that will leave us loving the beauty of the Telugu language even more. To describe a woman’s beauty that doesn’t seem to be vulgar at all. That one world is like an entire scene unfolding before one’s eyes.

Check this video below where the lyricist is seen explaining the beauty of the words used and we bet that it’s rich in imagery that would take us into a new world, altogether.