Sai_Pallavi_Short_Dress_IncidentSai Pallavi carries a homely girl image. She is never big on glamour doll roles and prefers to stick solely to performance oriented roles. Incidentally, the actress opened up about an incident where she felt uncomfortable in a short dress.

“Ours is a very orthodox family. We usually play Tennis and Shuttle at our home and I’m comfortable wearing short dresses here. But there was this one time when I wore a short dress in public and it bothered me big time,” Sai Pallavi said.

Adding further, the actress said “When I was studying medical science in Georgia, I used to practise Tango dance. It was essential to wear short clothes while performing this dance. Likewise, I wore a skimpy outfit and gave a performance. Then, when I turned an actress with Premam, this Tango dance video surfaced on the internet and a few people made slew comments. It hurt me big time.”

Sai Pallavi said she makes a conscious effort not to wear short outfits in films or while out in public as it makes her feel really uncomfortable.