Sai Pallavi in MCA -What Went Wrong!‘Fidaa’ made Sai Pallavi a sensation and she is the first actress to get such an attention in the recent times. She literally hit the goldmine and Dil Raju walked away with the credit of introducing the naturally talented unconventional beauty to the glamour world.

Once again, it was Dil Raju who brought her back with her second outing ‘MCA’ in Telugu. The chemistry between Sai Pallavi and Nani as Bava-Maradalu is good and entertaining. But then, Sai Pallavi is totally missing in the second half of the movie.

She is sidelined in the second half as her role has no connection with the story. It’s Nani and Bhoomika all over, in the second half of the movie. Though she isn’t totally disappointing, the expectations her fans might have nurtured by the virtue of her performance in ‘Fidaa’ will not be reached.

It might be unfair to expect a role like ‘Fidaa’ every time, but it anyway wise to choose properly instead of doing an entertaining role that vanishes completely in the second half.

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