Sai-Pallavi-Had-to-Rush-to-Kanam-Event-on-a-BikeSai Pallavi attended the pre-release event for her upcoming film Kanam today in Hyderabad and ask us how she had to rush to the event to avoid traffic. The pic of her seated behind on the bike is going viral on the internet.

Well, the actress didn’t shy away or felt discomfort to ride on the bike in a saree. Well, she looked gorgeous in the blue silk saree that she donned for the event and her talk in Telugu on the stage too was super cute to watch. While the negative talks of Naga Shourya on the actress are making rounds claiming the same the reason for the actor not attending the events with her, Sai Pallavi proves it otherwise.

The actress speaks about the help and support that she got from the crew to make the film, calling him a phenomenal actor, she thanked Naga Shourya for all his strong support in giving those hard expressions. Wonder what Naga Shourya got to say about the negativity heard.