His Differences with Sai Pallavi Surprised NaniIn the initial days, when Sai Pallavi’s ‘Fidaa” became a blockbuster, she was shooting for Nani’s ‘MCA‘ as she had signed for the movie even before her debut movie release. With the success came rumors along, stating that Nani and Sai Pallavi had differences.

When asked about the differences with Sai Pallavi, Nani reassured that he has no such differences with her. They were surprised to see the gossips written on their alleged differences and laughed at them. But it was even more astonishing to see the Youtube video getting more than one million clicks for this baseless gossip.

According to Nani, the duo laughed at the rumors and both of them clicked a pic of the other and shared that on their Instagram handle to make others understand that there were no differences between them, whatsoever.