Sai Pallavi Saranga Dariya samantha akkineniYesterday, ‘Saranga Dariya’ from Shekhar Kammula’s upcoming movie ‘Love Story’ came out and we must say that it’s a huge hit all over as expected. Sai Pallavi stole the show as she had done for Varun Tej’s ‘Vachinde’ dance number for ‘Fidaa‘ and Dhansh’s ‘Rowdy Baby’ dance number in ‘Maari’.

Not just only for the song, but Sai Pallavi stole the entire show over Varun Tej in ‘Fidaa’. Will that happen with ‘Love Story, even? But then, Chay Akkineni is a fine actor compared to Varun Tej when it comes to being a soft lover boy.

So, we hope it wouldn’t be complete domination of Sai Pallavi and there would be a great role for Naga Chaitanya, as well. If not, it would be Sai Pallavi’s domination all over again and that became the point of discussion on social media pages, right now.

Nevertheless, one can’t underestimate Chay who could hog the limelight in ‘Majili with his fine acting skills though Samantha was the discussion point, back then, when the movie released. He too delivered his best in Majili’.