sai kumar RangiTaranga in oscar selectionsAny guesses who that Telugu hero might be? He is the dubbing king turned hero Sai Kumar. His Kannada film Rangi Tarangi was chosen for the lateral entry for the Oscar race. Interestingly, the actor played the villain Rangi Taranga, his comeback movie in Kannada film industry where he once reigned with angry young man image.

The actor already had predicted that his movie is going to go to Oscars even before it was chosen. Now that his prophesy came true, the senior actor is more than overwhelmed and excited that his name would be mentioned among the great actors of the world list.

After the arrival of a newborn, his granddaughter recently, this news is one more exciting news for the actor who wants to do more and more challenging roles in Telugu. He is still doing medium budget movies and hopes to get big offers. This multi-talented personality certainly deserves his share. What say?