Sai Dharam Tej Vs Varun Tej - Who’s Leading In Battle Of Mass Vs Class?There is a big internal clash happening among young guns of Mega heroes, and each one is coming with a film that belongs to their strength. The heroes are Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej, and the movies are Inttelligent and Tholi Prema.

On a different tangent, it is simply a case of the battle of Mass and the Class films. History is that the mass films always win no matter what. An average mass film scores well than an average class movie, and the same happens with all others talks. Remeber the recent clash of Hello versus MCA? The routine commercial entertainer MCA won by a significant margin.

It is when we look at the markets in the Telugu states. In case of Inttelligent, there is an additional benefit of VV Vinayak as director. In overseas, the trend is precisely the opposite, and Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema would be a definite winner if it gets a decent talk.

However, a point that one might miss here and that needs to be noted is that Varun Tej is coming off a blockbuster Fidaa and a newcomer makes tholi Prema. On the other hand, Sai Dharam Tej is coming off back to back failures, but the director comes with a massive hit behind him. So, if Tholi Prema is a success, Varun Tej gets to take the lion’s share of credit, whereas, for Inttelligent, a success gets shared between the actor and director.Considering the two scenarios mentioned above, the clash has turned out even at the moment when it usually should have been one way with Inttelligent leading.