Sai-Dharam-Tej-Removed-Shirt-too-EarlySai Dharam Tej recently revealed that his cousin Ram Charan told him that what he had achieved with regard to his body physique wasn’t enough (Idi Chaaladuraa). We also believe that it was not enough for him to go shirtless, so early.

It was a bit sooner for him to remove the shirt in ‘Prati Roju Pandaage‘. He should have groomed his body more and should have tried this shirtless act at a later stage. In the film, he removed his shirt during a fight sequence.

But, the impact isn’t felt and we know that he is not there yet. It’s clearly visible on the screen that whatever he did for a fitter body isn’t enough to be significant. We have to agree, there is a change in him as he lost some weight.

Sai Dharam Tej body transformation wasn’t significant or striking in this film. The movie opened to mixed talk, but it’s too early for us to predict the success of the movie.