Sai Dharam Tej Accident: Channels Stoop To New Lows For TRPs!Sai Dharam Tej who met with an accident last night is being treated at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills. He is said to be stable but is still on assisted respiration in the ICU. The next bulletin about his health will be out tomorrow morning. Scores of celebrities are arriving at the Apollo hospital to see Sai Dharam Tej.

This accident has become a hot topic for the Telugu media since last night. Some channels are milking the accident as much as possible so as to stay ahead in the TRPs Race. On a leading TV Channel, the anchor is seen explaining with a helmet how Sai Dharam Tej was wearing one but did not strap it.

People on social media are mocking the kind of journalism and are ridiculing the channel to perform the bike skid before the camera to save the people. The same channel explains the anatomy behind purchasing such a bike. The anchor says men get high when girls sit at the back and hug them.

While the police did not make any statement about the speed at which SDT is traveling, the channel claims he is racing from 300kmph to 400 kmph. Incidentally, the maximum speed of the Triumph bike is 250 kmph. Another channel brews a conspiracy angle saying that SDT is the middle of a race with another car.

Some channels have accessed the reports, scans, and X-rays of the actor and are telecasting them on live TV giving no respect to the patient’s privacy.