Sai Dharam Tej - Varun TejOne and only YouTube is the place where wild speculations can happen to attract viewers to the contents with the help of crazy tag lines and thumbnails. Varun Tej’s alleged marriage was an old piece of a rumour that was all over YouTube a while ago.

Sharing the same old YouTube thumbnail about Naga Babu’s alleged confirmation about Niharika’s and Varun Tej’s wedding, Sai Dharam Tej asked, “What’s up Baava? Are you getting married?” He shared it for all as if it is a new one.

Anyway, Varun Tej took the chance to reaffirm that marriage isn’t cards for him anytime soon. Well, that explains everything about not only Varun but also Sai Dharam.

In Tollywood, these couple of months were filled with announcements of young heroes’ engagements and marriages. The remaining heroes and actors who are happily single are trying to pull each others’ legs.