Shades Of Saaho -Chapter 2After the stylish Chapter 1 showing the making of most eagerly awaited action epic Saaho, here is second in the series, Chapter -2. It goes without saying that the action is getting bigger and bigger.

The second chapter in the Shades of Saaho focuses on an action block where guns and bullets are flying all over the place. Just based on the making visuals alone we can guess that the sequence is going to be huge. There is an international feel to it. The only fear one might have here is too much importance given to style and it dominating the proceedings. Ultimately, no matter how grand or massive the movie is mounted, it is the simple emotions that connect and make the whole thing worthwhile. Right now, that is not the issue, and the making videos are enough to take the expectations to the next level further.

Check out the video below. Saaho stars Rebel Star Prabhas in the lead. He had a better cut (or rather a glimpse) in the first chapter though compared to the new one. Shraddha Kapoor plays the female lead, and she celebrates her birthday today. We wish her a happy and memorable birthday. UV Creations produces the movie which is directed by one film old Sujeeth. Saaho, as of now, is slated to arrive on August 15th as Independence Day treat in Telugu, Tami and Hindi languages.