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Horror less Horror movie



What is “Sahasra” about?
Rudra Narasimha Raju (Rajiv Kanakala) is a Jamindar of Chintapalli dynasty and surrounding villages. His wife Mayukha Devi (Reva) is a real beauty. According to the norms of the dynasty, none should see the ladies of the King. Chinappa (Shafi), a loyalist of the Rudra Narasimha Raju manages to see Mayukha and plans to enjoy her. Chinappa takes the help of black magic to seduce her. But before he could succeed, both the King and Queen die. Chinappa takes the help of an aghora and plans to enjoy her in her next birth, Sahasra (Ira). Rest should be watched on big screen.

How is Rajiv Kanakala and Shafi?
Rajiv Kanakala comes up with a very good performance in the role of Rudra Narasimha Raju. Shafi comes up with a matured performance as a crooked man who trusts black magic and aghoras.

How about the direction and the movie?
The story of the movie will remind you that of Anushka’s Arundathi but the execution is totally flawed. The debutant director, Sri Vishal could not induce the horror quotient as required but ends up piling up scenes unnecessarily. The entertainment quotient is totally absent and the concept of rebirth and souls is totally mishandle

What about Reva, Ira and others ?
Reva comes up with a good performance as a Queen and she looked good too. Ira looked pretty in the role of Sahasra but had to improve a lot in terms of dialogues and expressions. Ravi Prakash and Krishnudu appeared in little roles. Asha Saini (Flora Saini) sizzled in an item song.

How is Dance, Music, Songs and other departments?
None of the songs actually helped the movie. The item song is totally waste. Back ground score by Geetha Putnik is decent. Art director comes up with some excellent sets which are ruined by cheap VFX work. Editor should have been harsh on the first half.

1. Rajiv Kanakala’s performance
2. Art work
1. Poor direction and screenplay
2. Bad VFX work and production values

What about its box office prospects?
The movie looked like a cheap rip off of Arundathi but is made bad in all possible ways.

Did I enjoy it?