Safest Film Needs A Blockbuster Trailer!Comedy caper F2 was one of the biggest box office hits of 2019. The sequel to the same, F3 is now gearing up for release on 27 May. F3 enjoys the obvious sequel advantage and it is the first non big event comedy entertainer to release after the third wave.

The promotional content that has been released thus far is of decent quality. But to really make the most of the sequel advantage, F3 needs a winning and hilarious trailer.

A gripping trailer is all that is needed for F3 to get the desired impetus to pull the audience to the theatres and ignite the advance bookings in the domestic and also overseas markets.

The most important task for Anil Ravipudi is to come up with a hilarious trailer that strikes the right chords.

F3 is already regarded as the safest film, thanks to the sequel advantage. Anil Ravipudi is now presented with the opportunity to amplify the buzz on the film with a blockbuster trailer.