Sacrificing Hair for a film's Sucess -AjithThe famous Tirumala temple is known as a place where people go to sacrifice their hair. This includes people from the film world praying for the success of their respective movies. In a list of film people who have gone and got their head tonsured for the success of their film, Thala Ajith and the director of his new film Veeram have now been added. Veeram is expected to be released for Pongal next year and to ensure its good fate, both the actor and director of the film have sacrificed their hair at the Tirumala temple. The act was done as a sign of thanksgiving to the god and Ajith says that he was simply offering his prayers to the almighty.

Other actors who have also sacrificed their hairs for films includes Actor Vikram for director Shankar’s ‘Ai’ and Rajinikanth for movie ‘Sivaji’ in the past.