Saakshyam Waiting For A Jump In BookingsThe big release this week is Saakshyam starring Bellamkonda Srinivas. Succesful director Sriwass is behind the movie, and he is hoping to deliver big commercial success with it.

Unfortunately, the advances aren’t looking that rosy. It is slightly lower to what Pantham had a few weeks ago. Saakshyam too treads the same path and caters to the same audience. It means the real worth and anticipation would be known in mass centres only after the movie opens. Saakshyam is made on a grand scale with a huge budget. The makers haven’t been able to communicate this with the audience and hence the low numbers.

Saakshyam is a critical outing for Bellamkonda Srinivas. His last film Jaya Janaki Naayaka was a major disappointment commercially. And in the four years since debut with Alludu Seenu, he hasn’t been able to get another hit.