bellamkonda-srinivas-sakshyam - mini baahubaliBellamkonda Srinivas has been creating huge hype on the script of his upcoming movie ‘Saakshyam’ saying that it is quite different and no other Telugu director had ever thought on this line. Now, he is claiming his movie to be mini Baahubali.

The reason is the small CGI works they had done in the movie to represent five elements of nature aka the Earth, the wind, the fire, the sky and the water. They shot in different locations for each element and finally, the water element for the climax episode is shot in Rajahmundry explained Srinivas in his recent interview.

The guy is quite excited and says that he is very lucky to have got this offer in the initial stages of his career. It’s a realistic action and a different movie though it has a lot of commercial elements said, Srinivas. The Bellamkonda hero is full-on while giving the interviews and let’s see how the film had finally shaped up.