US-Collections---Saakshyam---Happy-WeddingThis week, ‘Saakshyam‘ and ‘Happy Wedding’ came to theatres and both of them had received a mixed response, so far. ‘Saakshyam’ is leading but not winning in not only Andhra Pradesh and Telangana but also in the United States. The result is the same everywhere.

While ‘Saakshyam’ collected $74,934 so far, ‘Happy Wedding‘ has grossed $25,789. Clearly, Bellamkonda Srinivas’ movie is leading in terms of numbers. But, this lead isn’t going to make it a success. The US numbers are very low for both the films proving that it was another dull week in the overseas. Even in the domestic market, the fate of the above-said movies is no different.

Next week, there are two potential releases coming to theatres. One is Adivi Sesh’s thriller with slick action ‘Goodachari’ and the other is Sushanth’s love saga ‘Chi La Sow’. The trailers of both the films had created enough buzz and an intrigue among the audiences. Let’s see if these movies can turn out to be exciting enough for the audiences.