Saaho-Tremors-in-Tamil-LandIt seems so ‘Saaho‘ has finally arrived and it’s not easy for other big films to just ignore it as it hapoens to be Prabhas’ movie coming after a magnum opus blockbuster like ‘Baahubali’. There are tremors felt in the Tamil land.

How? Big film ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ starring star hero Ajith was initially scheduled to come on 10th August. However, the makers seem to be jn a different mind now as they see that there is a gap of 5 days in between ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ and ‘Saaho’.

That means, the clash though not a direct one will dent into the collections of one another. So, it’s learnt that the makers of Ajith movie want to change the release date. Actually, prepone the movie to a date in July.

While this is the situation with Ajith’s movie, Suriya’s ‘Kaapaan’ was also scheduled for August release. Would there be a change in the release date of Suriya’s movie, as well? Let’s wait and see what happens.