Saaho Movie Pre Climax fight costs 80 croresThe makers of ‘Saaho‘ have successfully made the movie-goers across the country chant one mantra and that is ‘Saaho’. Thanks to the euphoria surrounding Prabhas’ movie. In this ecstatic state, don’t we expect big competition for the satellite rights of the movie?

As the word has it, all the popular and top television channels are vying for the satellite rights of ‘Saaho’. However, it doesn’t surprise as the craze around the movie so huge that such competition is bound to happen. Who wouldn’t eye the satellite rights of a movie that can bring any TV channel high TRP ratings?

When it comes to the digital rights of Prabhas’ most expensive action-thriller, naturally there will be a close and tight fight between Amazon Prime and Netflix. Who would be the lucky one to grab the rights is yet to be known.

However, there are speculations that astronomical amounts would be quoted for acquiring the digital and the satellite rights of ‘Saaho’. Call it craziness, madness, euphoria or ecstasy; ‘Saaho’ has arrived and it’s a matter of time that it will take the craziness further ahead of the release.