Saaho-Following-Baahubali-TacticsSaaho‘ is a mega-budget movie that is made on a humongous budget. The makers of the movie need to follow a strategy to create adequate buzz on the movie so that when it comes to the theatres it will turn out to be a profitable venture. Looks like, they are following Baahubali tactics.

Today, the makers released a lackluster poster announcing that they will be releasing a series of making videos under the title ‘Shades of Saaho’, a unique series through which they will be releasing interesting tidbits of the stellar project. But, we can be hopeful that these videos might be helpful for the makers to excite the neutral audiences enough to wait for the movie.

The action blocks in the movie are filmed spending a bomb and hence, it’s the necessity to create an impact with the videos they are going to share, beginning from tomorrow. Prabhas fans had been unhappy for not sharing updates on the movie. Prabhas’ birthday falls on 23rd October and the first video must be like a treat to his die-hard fans.

The makers of ‘Baahubali’ also did the same as they too spent a bomb on the project. If properly cut, the making videos can hit the bull’s eye, straight away. Let’s wait till 11 a.m. tomorrow, the time announced for the first video from ‘Shades of Saaho’.