Saaho-Director-Doesn't-Speak-with-Telugu-MediaSaaho director Sujeeth very rarely speaks and now that he has begun speaking and started sharing some information about his upcoming action thriller, it’s conspicuous that the young director’s words are reported by non-Telugu and Mumbai-based media tabloids.

Leave about talking to Telugu media, he doesn’t even respond to Prabhas’ die-hard fans on Twitter. That’s something that is unpalatable for the local media and especially, Prabhas’ fans. Prabhas is a pan-Indian star and ‘Saaho’ will be doing nation wide business.

But, no matter how big the film is and the business, Telugu version is the most important though it will be releasing in multiple languages. Then, why doesn’t he want to interact with Telugu media, yet?

How can a filmmaker who makes films primarily in Telugu ignore Telugu media and Telugu audiences who would be dedicated movie goers irrespective of Prabhas’ pan-Indian stature? ‘Saaho’ is riding with high expectations across the country.

But, more than the expectations, Telugu people are curious to see Prabhas grow as a pan-Indian star. Hope, Sujeeth takes a note of this and starts interacting with Telugu media, as well.