Saaho-Breakeven-Figures---Language-WiseIn less than a week, we are going to witness the hysteria of Rebel Star Prabhas’s Saaho all over the country. The bookings are on fire even with hiked prices wherever they are opened. Here we take a look at how much Saaho needs to collect language-wise to breakeven.

First, let’s get to the Telugu figures. Saaho, all areas business, is estimated to be a little over 120 Cr in Telugu states. Not all areas are sold, but the numbers are valued based on the few areas it has been snapped up like Ceded, East and West Godavari. It means, just to breakeven Saaho has to collect more than 125 Cr.

In Kannada, Saaho is taken for a whopping price of 28 Cr. It includes all the versions, but Telugu has lions share in it. Only, Baahubali 2 and 2.0 have done a bigger business than Saaho in this market.

In Tamil, Saaho is taken for a little over 20 Cr. This is not an official number, but an estimate based on previous rights and hype on the movie. Apart from the two Baahubali movies, no Telugu dubbed film has reached the double-digit figure in this area, which should give an idea of the difficulty that lies ahead.

In Malayalam, Saaho is bagged by B Unnikrishnan’s RD Illuminations for a price of around 5.5 Cr. It is, again, a significant number for the same reason mentioned above.

And finally, the Hindi version is said to be sold for more than 72 Cr. Saaho will have to collect more than 200 Cr Gross from Bollywood market to be called a success.

The entire ‘Overseas’ rights of Saaho have been bagged by a single entity for 42 Cr. Saaho has to collect 6 Million at the least to achieve break-even status.

Overall, Saaho starring Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor will have to collect more than 550Cr, including all the languages. Of course, managing even 600 Cr Gross doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a success if it doesn’t break even at individual levels.

We have seen with 2.0 where it overperformed in a territory (Bollywood market) and hardly got to break even numbers in others. But, the final figure was big, which helped it win a perception battle. In the case of Saaho, one hopes it is not mere ‘perception’ and that the people who actually acquired the rights are in safe zone across the languages.