Prabhas Saaho Shades-Saaho, without any doubt, is the most anticipated Telugu film arriving in cinemas next year. There are no two thoughts about that. But, even a movie with such anticipation could give an underwhelming feeling if it is not backed by right promotion.

The lack of promotion and updates has been the case with Saaho so far. It has been in the making for a long time, but we don’t know how much is actually complete and a tentative release period. It leads to frustration among fans which is visible.

Well, the makers have finally awake, and here they are pushing the hype meter through an innovate making video. The content is entirely action driven from a block that is said to be the biggest highlight of the movie. One can understand the scale by just looking at the spectacle on display in this sample. As far as fans of Prabhas are considered, who wants to have a look at the star, they would be beyond satisfied with that small glimpse towards the end.

The Shades of Saaho making is superbly cut, and it is sure to help raise the interest manifolds on the project. Check out the video below. Considering the UV Creations track record of quality product, nothing short of a visual extravaganza can be expected.