S. S. Rajamouli Next Movie Creating Bigger Suspense Than WKKBWKKB –Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali was one of the most brilliant marketing strategies of the modern cinema. The suspense that was built around the character made it an iconic one, and the promotions centered around it helped a deeper penetration of the brand Baahubali. The result of which can be seen all over now.

Is Rajamouli creating another such suspense, again? Well, this is not for a movie but his next directorial venture. There is a tremendous curiosity to know what is the next film from the director, but he is completely mum about it. The absolute lack of mention and disdain from the director is further adding to the hype.

If one observes the media online, there are already speculations galore regarding the hero. From Allu Arjun to Akhil, Jr NTR, and Mahesh Babu, everyone is reportedly in consideration. But nothing can be said as official until the director says it so. The suspense that is generating, as a result, is creating enormous curiosity on the movie even before anything is officially announced.