Hero Karthikeya Negative Reviews

Karthikeya hit the bull’s eye by choosing the right script, RX 100 to start off with, in the industry as a hero. Well, the film went on to become a great hit with the audience loving the plot perfectly established. Now the hero is struggling to set his bar in Tollywood as a potential actor and look at what his response is to the negative reviews that his Friday release, 90 ML got.

There is actually nothing to talk about the film except for his unseen dancing skills and the critics simply slammed the film with proper negative reviews and there hasn’t even been the word of mouth to promote the film which even Karthikeya is aware.

So unlike many young heroes who just blame the critics or the reviews, he took the feedback and says he will work on that for his next films. He said not every time would he get the films like RX 100 and he understood that the screenplay didn’t work with 90 ML according to the reviews which he would keep in mind for the next time.

Usually, that doesn’t happen with all the heroes whether or not their movies have content, they just try to force their nonsense on the audience at the theaters but Karthikeya kind of has an example of how to take the negativity too just as they would respond to the positive comments.