Rumours on Yevadu movie leak - FAKE

The memories of Attarintiki Daredi leaking before the movie release is still fresh in the minds of Mega fans. Lucky that the movie was success and leak has no effect. What if it went other way? When all these are ringing in the minds of Mega fans, rumours erupted from some of the colleges in Guntur that 2 hours and 16 minutes footage of Yevadu is readily available in the market in the form of CDs. SMSes spread like a wildfire in a very short time.

We are told that within seconds the mobiles of Senior Mega fans and even the movie unit were crammed with calls from worried fans. For a moment, every thing was confusing and alarming but on verification, it was found that the rumours are all fake and was spread unnecessarily by some miscreants to create panic in fans.