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Rumours Flying: Prabhas on RFC Sets

Prabhas on Ramoji Film City setsSaaho‘ will be creating buzz for even the trifle things because of the stardom Prabhas has achieved by the virtue of the role Baahubali. Rumours will start flying, regularly. Here, we have a fresh rumour on Prabhas’ ‘Saaho’.

According to the rumours, Prabhas‘ movie has episodes pertaining to the colonial India, when under British rule. So, the film would have scenes from two different eras aka pre-Independence and post Independence period. Some crucial scenes were shot in the Ramoji Film City sets created to reflect the two eras.

Nothing is known officially and we don’t know the source of this rumour. Anyway, people do keep guessing about ‘Saaho’ as we have very fewer updates on the movie’s progress. The entire nation is waiting for ‘Saaho’ and the craze for the hero has escalated to the extent that each and every detail is going to make headlines, for sure.