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Tamil director Vetrimaaran has joined the list of directors who turned a new leaf in Indian cinema. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his films go places that very few dare to go, which makes Vetrimaaran one of the most exciting directors of this generation.

All of his films, right from Aadukalam to Asuran have become benchmarks, irrespective of their fate at the box office. His latest film, Viduthalai is also no different. The film is said to be a soul-stirring experience that will shake the audience.

Be it the brilliant staging of the scenes or delivering a balanced perspective on the good and the evil side of human nature, Vetrimaaran has proved why he is one of the few filmmakers who can pull off a mainstream cinema, balancing ‘realism’ and commercial elements. This is his 6th film as a director and he has shown his class again.

There are talks that NTR and Vetrimaaran are looking to collaborate for a film, though nothing is confirmed. It would be a treat for movie lovers to see a film that combined Vetrimaaran’s brilliance with NTR’s sheer intensity.