Anushka's powerful avatar in Baahubali

It is not every day that people of Neredigonda mandal get to see stars. So when the word spread that a film unit has come to shoot there people were naturally excited to see the actors in action. However their joy had no limits when they realized that crew that was shooting there involved the presence of heroine Anushka as well. Soon the crowd swelled in the area of shoot and police had a tough time controlling them.

To get into details, the unit of Rudramadevi is currently canning a song featuring Anushka and Rana at the famous Kuntala waterfall in Neredigonda mandal. It is a romantic number with classical dance from Anushka. The shoot is expected to continue till December 7 there. Gunasekhar is directing this historical picture and the director wants to shoot in as many real locations as possible. Later using the graphics the locations would be made to resemble the period they have been set in.