RTI Spits the Secrets of Tollywood Drug Case  Tollywood drug case turned out to be allegedly a big farce when there seemed to be no further clarity after the heavy drama of investigating the popular Tollywood celebs. There was a criticism that the case was buried due to big names involved in the Drugs’ racket. Actually, what happened?

After all that Hungama, how many charge sheets were filed against the Tollywood celebrities? None. Only four charge sheets were filed, and they were on the drug dealers who were arrested in 2017 while in possession of drugs. So, none of the charge sheets was in the name of Tollywood celebs who were grilled during the investigation.

This is the secret of Tollywood drug case. This truth came out because of the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) filed by the Excise Department to the Forum for Good Governance (FGG) with regard to the probe by the Special Investigation Team.

FGG Secretary has even written a letter to the Chief Secretary regarding the slow progress in the investigation, and the loopholes in appointing an inspector and superintendent as the SIT officers when the investigation must be headed by a senior most officer of a higher rank.